Your industry in a smartphone 📱

As a busy industrial company, you understand the challenges of tools' inventory management and facility management while keeping an eye on the production process.
That's where BROLZ comes in.

Boost Efficiency & Communication with one single centralized app

With BROLZ, you can quickly and easily manage equipments in just three steps.

Streamline your inventory management📈

Keep track on all your inventory such as tools, workshop equipment, safety equipment, handling equipment, containers, buildings, facilities and more, in one place.

Data collection on the field

Colleagues interact with all these items and enrich database with local values, controling due date, taking pictures and reporting issues.

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

BROLZ provides customizable reporting and analytics tools to help managers make data-driven decisions, monitor key performance indicators, and identify trends and issues before they become major problems.

Way Better!

Guillaume, Founder of Brolz

"As a maintenance & facility manager in various industries, I’ve always been stuck between complex CMMS software and messy Excel sheets.

I was dreaming about something in between to manage simple informations as tools inventory, doing some checks and reporting small issues on facilities.

I wanted my team do that job with an app easy to use and to understand. Smooth as when you’re are using your own smartphone at home.
I could’t find it on the market. So I made it.
And the results were incredible ! "

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Features by & for facility managers

Simplified CMMS

You don’t want to solve your issues using your current CMMS - it’s way to heavy for what you need. But your Excel sheets are a bit light and time consuming. BROLZ is the perfect tool in between !

Light speed start

Up and running in no time. Our engineer team is always ready to assist you every step of the way, and knowing what industry means.

Data safety

Our app uses industry-standard encryption and security protocols to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Off-line mode

We know you don’t always have a powerfull connection everywhere due to industrial processes.

Full traceability

As we know that quality and monitoring are important, we have an easy access on full history including all the data changes.

Industrial smartphone compliant

Industry environment can be tough ! That’s why you can use our app on stronger devices equiped with infrared sensors or ATEX compliant.

From no control to maximum traceability

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We don't just talk - we give some proof🚀

Because we have implemented BROLZ in several industries, we are able to show you what could be your glorious success story :


Managed tools

In no time, from no tracking and messy Excel files to a fast and smart BI dashboard, containing all your important equipment.



Buildings, rooms and part of the facilities are recorded, with useful data and pictures, allowing you to report any issues about Facility Management


Minutes a day

The time each operator can save as inspection rounds made easier: fill a simple connected checklist instead of taking notes on a paper to fill up a dusty Excel file on your own (if you ever find it).

Facilitate your internal processes with Brolz

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Most frequently asked questions about Brolz ? 🤔

What is BROLZ ?

BROLZ is a powerful inventory management and data collection app, designed specifically for industries. It simplifies processes in a plant facility, from periodic checks to safety and compliance.

Who's BROLZ for ?

BROLZ is an smart app & dashboard solution made for teams on the field. It’s helpful for maintenance managers, operations managers, facility managers, and logistics managers working in the industry.

How much is it ?

Affordable for small inventory and small teams. Up to the strongest app ever with our best engineers, helping reviewing your processes toward digital approach.

How long it is to implement ?

We hate endless project implementation. We like results. We are agile. We define with you a first clear manageable scope and take just a few days to start. Once it’s prooved it works, you grow as you go.

How secure is my data with BROLZ ?

BROLZ takes data security seriously and employs industry-standard encryption. We regularly update and monitor our systems to ensure the highest levels of security and compliance.

What kind of features does BROLZ offer?

We offer a range of features based on a strong inventory management system, including assets management, tool management, data collection on the field, conformity checks, issues reporting, compliance tracking, and more. We also cover specifics industry needs with an off-line mode or compliency with industrials smartphones.